Monday, August 3, 2015

Mani Monday: "Chillato"

Happy Monday y'all!   So I have to finally let you in on my favorite summer shade.  I've been secretly coveting it but I decided it's time to be nice and spread the love.    You know last year my polish choice for summer was "Teeny Bikini" by Essie.  Gah I'm still loving it... but it's time to move on to something fresh!  Well, looks like Essie has won my heart again with their beautiful summer line but especially with the shade, "Chillato."  It's a refreshing shade that I've never seen before anywhere!  It has a limey, greenish/yellow tint and is bright yet understated, with a slightly milky appearance.  So...kind of like if a Pina Colada and a Margarita had a love child... it would definitely resemble the color of "Chillato!"  Seriously though!  Never been a fan of neon be on nails, but I love this because it is a bit toned down.  I bought a hunter green swimsuit this year, and I think it looks great up against it and even more BAM the darker my tan gets.  Definitely declaring "Chillato" my summer shade!  Go pick it up while its still HAUTE.




Thank you for reading and commenting! - XO Ashley