Thursday, January 15, 2015

NEW YEAR NEW YOU: Style Consulting, Closet Cleanses & Personal Shopping Services Now Available

Ever been in this situation?  You walk into your closet to get dressed and suddenly you become so overwhelmed and frustrated.  Clothes start flying across the room and your husband is yelling at you to hurry because you are going to be late.  The aftermath looks like a bomb exploded and you leave the house still hating what you are wearing, and irritated that you have to clean now when you get home.  Yes, we've all been there, a closet full of clothes with nothing to wear!   It's the most infuriating thing in the world and it makes you want to just take a blowtorch to your closet and be done! 

It's a new year and you know what that means?  It's time for a change and a fresh start.  No more closet confusion!  I am here to help you with with a refreshing update to your wardrobe including closet cleansing, organization, a stylish revamp, and personal shopping.   I cover it all and am here to make your life easier and stress free so you can feel more confident every day in 2015!  Since the end of last summer, I have been personal shopping for a few clients and cleansing a few closets via word of mouth, but I would finally like to extend my services to all of my readers!  For personal shopping, I can work with any budget and can cater to each client's specific needs. 


- Walk through of your closet
- Evaluation of each piece including shoes and accessories
- I will determine whether you should Toss/Keep/Donate
- Organization and advice on creating"feng shui" which will bring positive energy to the space
- A shopping list of the basic's that you are missing in order to build a stronger foundation for your ideal wardrobe.

- Styling & photographing all the possible outfits in your closet from shoes to accessories.
- Digital Lookbook: After I photograph and log each look,  I will put together a personal lookbook categorized by day, office, date night etc. that you can access on you iphone or ipad.   You won't ever have to think about getting dressed again.

- Consulting on what colors, silhouettes, and styles you should be wearing.
- Education on the latest trends of the season, what's "in", "out" & the "do's" & "dont's"  
- Beauty talk: suggestions/questions for hair, makeup, products and more
- Hair & makeup hands on instruction


1- IN PERSON:  Meet me at the retail destination.  I will have the dressing room prepped and ready for your arrival so your shopping experience is easy and stress free.

2- IN HOME/OFFICE: I will do the shopping and bring the looks straight to you in the convenience of your own home or office. You won't ever have to step foot in a store, deal with crowds, hunt in sale racks or deal with returns.

3- SHOP & SEND (LONG DISTANCE):  I shop, style looks and then send the items directly to your door. This is especially nice for out of town clients who want to stay stylish, but don't have access to great stores.  I know shopping online can be difficult and deceiving, so having a pair of eyes to shop in amazing stores to make sure you are getting great quality pieces, as well as the most flattering silhouettes for your body can definitely be helpful.  A PDF usually follows with a description of ways to wear the pieces and examples of how the pieces should be worn (see image below to see an example).

- EVENT STYLING:  Do you have an event coming up?  Let me transform your vision into reality.  I guarantee you will make all the heads turn!

- VACATION PACKING: Do you hate packing?  Do you always over pack?  Let me plan your outfits using the same pieces in multiple ways to ensure lighter packing.  I will photograph each look and then pack your suitcase so you can skip the stress and start your vacation up a little earlier!

- GIFT SHOPPING: Leave the finding the perfect gift to me and let me narrow down options of the coolest, unique gifts for your loved ones.  Whether its Valentines Day, Birthday's, Wedding Party gifts or a holiday,  I have you covered!

 Free consultations 
Fee: $60/hr

Please note that my fee is additional to the clothing budget for personal shopping.
Travel fee not included for clients outside the Dallas area.  Speak to me about virtual options.
Shipping & Returns -  I work with most stores for free shipping and returns but depending on the store, sometimes it is beyond my control. 

For questions or to schedule a consultation, please email me at 


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