Sunday, November 30, 2014

My Tour Of GOOP With Gwyneth Paltrow

 So if you can't tell by my starstruck expression above, meeting and chatting with Gwyneth Paltrow was pretty insane!  I'm sure you have heard about Gwyneth's blog, GOOP right?  Well if you haven't, then know that it is her online publication that delivers to it's reader's lifestyle inspirations such as, travel destinations, gift ideas, fashion, beautiful home goods and more.  The site is broken down into six different categories: Make, Go, Get, Do, Be, and See.  I like to think of GOOP as a little collection of Gwyn's favorite things.  She opened her very first GOOP pop up shop in Los Angeles, and guess where the second one just opened?  You guessed it, right here in Big D!

I am one lucky girl because I received a private invite to tour GOOP in Highland Park Village.  It is nestled next to the chic Number One, (an organic cafĂ© and retail store which serves yummy fresh juices).  Walking into GOOP, my first reaction was that it looked like a little retail heaven.  The shop is full of natural light that pours in and makes the room feel light and airy.  I immediately felt at peace. The product placement was to a perfection, the aromas from the GOOP candles burning were calm and elegant.  I mean, can we say sensory overload?  Can I live here?   No seriously, there was a little day bed against the wall with a neon sign that spelled out "GOOP" hanging over it that I know would make for a good night's rest!

 As the other guest and I gathered around for the tour to begin,  I noticed two police officers guarding the front doors from the public.  Within a few minutes a black SUV pulled up and a blonde lady was escorted out and to the front doors of the shop.  In walks Gwyneth Paltrow. OH. MAH. GAD.   None of us taking this tour thought she was going to be here!  What an unbelievable surprise!  Okay, so I haven't ever been in the same room with a famous actress before, so I have to admit I was kind of secretly freaking out on the inside.  Don't judge me!  I definitely tried to act cool and composed myself, but it was hard.  She was so tall, beautiful and was dressed effortlessly chic in a navy cardigan with leather skinny's and cool slip on skaters.  Her complexion was bright, and her smile really did light up the room, even more than it already was.  

Over the next hour, Gwyneth Paltrow herself spent time walking us through her shop, answering questions and posing for photos.  She talked about the many items and merchandise within the shop that she chose herself.  She talked about the adorable monogram shop within the store. I noticed there were little napkins and some pajama's which showed beautiful examples of the monogram work.  I adored the napkins and would die to have my own set to throw tea's or a girly luncheon here at my home.  They would also make for an adorable gift!  There were many stunning pieces from Stella McCartney, Michael Kors, Band of Outsiders and Diane Von Furstenberg which hung graciously next to the glass windows.  Below these racks you would find a pair of shoes placed as if someone were living there.  She also carries Jennifer Meyer and Jennifer Fisher jewelry and other accessories like clutches and handbags. We even got to see and hear the low down on GOOP's current collaboration with Monique Lhuillier.  She told us how it came to be.  Apparently, Monique and Gwyn's son's attend the same school and that's how they became friends.  They wanted to collaborate together and do something fun for the holidays, and so the GOOP x Monique Lhuillier collab was born.  The collection is stunning, and you can view and shop it right  HERE.

A few other things you can expect to see while taking your own tour of GOOP, is a cubby full of folded FRAME denim.  This really made me happy because Gwyn and I both have something in common, as FRAME is my absolute favorite denim line of the moment!  You can also find beautiful children's clothing, home decor, a kitchen area which displays her own cookbooks and kitchenware from Staub.  Near the glass window sits a beautifully set table to inspire.  There are also cute gift ideas from tiny micro bloom's to a Texas themed "Men In Cold Weather Essentials box," which includes a money clip, a flask, and a denim pocket square. LOVE. I even got to talk with her one on one about her beauty department and I learned which products were her absolute fav and why!  I will be sharing these little secrets and reviewing these products myself in a separate post soon to come, so stay tuned =) 


Despite all the negative press Gwyn has received in the past,  I really got a great vibe from her and she was very sweet! "I have always had a soft spot for Texas," she stated.  "It all started when I filmed a movie here years ago called Flesh And Bone which starred Meg Ryan."  She also said she was really excited to be in Highland Park Village because she loves the area.  Since filming "Flesh and Bone," she has always wanted to come back. "Bringing GOOP to Texas has allowed us to meet the fan's and say thanks," she ended.   If you get a chance, you should definitely stop by and see the shop before it leaves.  Sadly GOOP will only be with us until December 14th. So march your cute little booty's over there before it's too late!

See you tomorrow!
XOXO, Ashley 


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