Monday, November 17, 2014

Mani Monday: Chameleon by Revlon

Happy Mani Monday y'all!  As I was snooping around the beauty isle at Albertson's this weekend, this Revlon polish, "Chameleon" really caught my eye.   It's obviously called chameleon because the color appears to change from gold, to green, and blue.  Well, that's what I thought at least...


Here is a much better shot to show the "Chameleon" effect. 

Sadly once the polish goes on, it doesn't keep the chameleon effect.   It's more of a pure gold shade.  I still think it is a pretty color, but if I wanted gold I would have purchased a gold polish.  A little deceiving I have to say!  What was the point to add the chameleon effect if it doesn't go on that way?  To piss buyers off like me I guess? Whatev!  The other sad thing, was that I gave myself an at home mani and I did the full blown process from soaking, cuticle trimming, buffing, and lastly adding a base and top coat in hopes that my polish would last at least longer  than a day.  Well, that was a fail too!  Within hours I already had chips.  BOO you're wrong Revlon. So Wrong.

So after using this product, here is my conclusion:

1.  The bottle is pretty to look at

2.  The shade of gold is nice

3.  The polish paints on very smoothly.

If you like it and want to add this shade to your own collection, you can purchase it here from ULTA Until next time!


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