Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Blown Away: A Beauty App You Can't Live Without

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So ladies, have y’all heard of Blownaway?   It is pretty spectacular my friends!  If you are a woman in the DFW metroplex who loves looking good, appreciates convenience, and adores Uber...then I highly suggest you stop what you are doing and download this app to your phone ASAP!  Blownaway is a mobile app that gives you the option to schedule a blowout, makeup application and spray tanning appointment scheduled to be done in the convenience of your own home.  If you have an event or special occasion coming up and you don't have time to waste driving around town to all of your appointments, or if you are a mom and don't have the time to find a sitter, then download Blownaway and have those appointments come straight to you!  Haven't we all dreamed about getting out of the shower, wrapping our hair up in a towel, pouring a glass of wine from your own fridge and just sitting back and relaxing while a beauty expert works their magic on you?   I know I have!  

 So about a week ago my friends and I were suppose to go to the Popsugar’s Ladies With Game Tailgate party and thought it was the perfect time to try out Blownaway.  After going through the easy steps with the app, we were all booked and ready for our appointments!  Then...all hell broke loose. If you didn't already know, Dallas has had crazy weather lately!   Around 4pm after our scheduling, a storm with 70 mph winds blew through which caused half off Dallas to be out of power.  I thought to myself, how in the heck is this chick going to blowout my hair without a hair dryer and curling iron?!  Secondly, I wasn’t able to do my pre appointment "prep" which included clean, damp hair because the hot water was out and my hair was just disgusting.  Not to mention, I had gone for a run earlier!   There is just no way this session is going down, I thought.  I just figured I would get a phone call saying that the stylist would have to cancel and reschedule me for another time due to the weather.  Instead to my surprise, I heard a knock at the door and when I opened it,  there was my stylist, Emily with a big smile on her face!  You would have never known she had been through terrible traffic and a monsoon.  I  explained to her that we had no power, and that I clearly hadn’t had a shower... and she told me not to worry that we would figure it out!  I opened a bottle of wine and set up a stool next to a window for light, and she began working on my friend Piper’s hair.  I went upstairs to take a miserable, cold bird bath (cringing still thinking about that).

Afterwards, I came downstairs to see how things were going.  Piper’s hair to my surprise, looked stunning!  No hot tools used, and pretty much done by candle light.  Emily had pulled her hair into an adorable little bun with two side braids!  So cute!  I was up next and my hair was still gross, but at least my bod was clean!  I was wondering what she would do with mine.  She ended up dry shampooing the mess out of it, and braiding just one side, leaving my hair flowing down and side swept to one side.  We used a little sea salt spray to make the ends piecer and textured looking, and I absolutely loved it!   Despite the circumstances, Emily and Blownaway pulled through for us and saved the day!  I can tell you if it wasn't for them, then we would have been two Haute Messes!  

I give this service a 5+ rating!  I want you all to be able to try this service out, so Blownaway and I would like to offer you $15.00 off to all my readers!  Once you download the app, register, and choose which service you want, just type: HGUMBO14 in the promo code.  This code will be good through October 31st!  

Follow my steps on downloading & 
booking your first appointment!

1.  Go the app store and search for Blownaway

2. Click to download

3.  Open the App and Click: Register

4.  After typing in your info Click: Done

5. Scroll over the top half of the screen to view services "Blowouts" "Makeup" "Spray Tan" and choose which service you would like.  Each service offers different options to choose from.

6.  Schedule what date and time you would like

7.  Type in the address you want your service done at, put your credit card info in,  and add promo code HGUMBO14 for your $15.00 off.  

8.  Click: Book Now!  

You are all set!  Once this is done, the app will instruct you on how to prep yourself before your stylist arrives at your home.  For example, if you are getting your hair blown out, then you will need to have it washed and up in a towel prior to the appointment time.  I hope you all enjoy Blownaway as much as I did!  Please contact me at hautegumbo@gmail.com with any questions and also let me know how your experience was with this service.  I would love to pass the information on to their team!


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