Monday, September 22, 2014

Mani Monday: Powder Dipped Nails

It was time for a Mani/Pedi last week, so I headed over to my nail salon of the moment ,Castle Nails, which is located in Mockingbird station.  In my opinion, this place gives ridiculously amazing pedicures!!  I recommend the milk & honey or the Sunkist where they actually place real orange slices on your feet and wrap you up with a mud mask!  (The Avacado is next on my to do list).  So for my mani, I usually get a gel manicure every other time, just because I feel weary about gel and so I like to give my nails a rest and just get a basic mani from time to time.  However this time,  the nail tech asked me if I wanted to try Powder Dipped Nails instead.  "Huh?"  I didn't understand what he meant.  He told me that it is the same as gel except in powder form and healthier for your nails.   Healthier for your nails?  I am sold!  After I chose my color, which is a purply grey with no name (the colors were numbered),  he began buffing my nails.   Second, he painted a clear coat over the buff, then opened the powdered color and dipped my fingers.  He did this to every nail, then started the entire process over for a second time.  By the time he was done I was shocked that my nails looked just as good as a gel mani.  I couldn't believe powder could do that!  

If I had to say any negatives,  I was hoping this powder dipped nail process would be faster than the annoying gel process, but it wasn't.  It took just as long.  Secondly, i paid $35 for this mani (the same as the gel nail price)  and I didn't get the full blown mani pampering service.  He didn't push my cuticles back or trim them, and I didn't get moisturized or massaged. I know, I know... I sound high maintenance right now, but come on!  I like to get my money's worth and he said it was the same as gel (price and all).   I was actually a little annoyed when he told me I was done.  I asked if cuticles and a massage were suppose to be included and he said that the buffer machine cut them during the buff process and that it was extra for the massage.  Mmmmk.....perrrrrfect.  My cuticles definitely did not look trimmed.  I wish they would have told me all of this before hand! Now I am on my 6th day with this mani and here is my status:  
1. I love my color  
2.  I have no chips  
3.  My cuticles look terrible 

Will I get this option again you ask?  I love the health aspect, so probably... but I will definitely be negotiating my pampering!  Have any of you tried a powder dipped mani?  If so, I would love to hear your thoughts! 


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  1. I did once with acrylic tips and looked like I had trident layers for finger nails 😂 but they did last longer! Just way too thick. I busted out laughing at the "mmmmmmk perrrrfect" hahaha!


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