Sunday, August 17, 2014

The Art of Mixing Savvy and Designer

I hope you are enjoying your weekend!  We went out for a friend's Dirty 30 birthday and I needed an outfit that screamed Pre Fall but was Dallas weather worthy.  I popped over to one of my favorite go-to stores, Zara.  Zara is always my savior when I need an outfit STAT.   I fell in love with this little grey number the moment I saw it.  I am going to begin discussing Fall trends this week so I won't get into it now, but with Grey being huge for fall I knew I could buy now, wear now and carry it into the cooler months.  I scored this dress for $59.00, and I swear it could pass for Alexander Wang!  See my photo below, as I compare!  

                        ALEXANDER WANG $375.00                          ZARA $59.00                                

To make my savvy dress more designer believable, I paired it with nicer accessories.  This is just my opinion and everyone is different, but if you save up and invest in that nicer bag or shoes that you have always dreamed about (and actually want), then you can pair it with savvy pieces and fool the world!  Just having that one piece can even make your Forever 21 jewelry look expensive!  


1.   Go for a classic color - If you are going to save up and make the investment, go for something classic and in a basic color, NOT the bright orange shade.

2.  Don't wear it every day -  Only break it out for special occasions, and you will have it for a lifetime!  

3. Take care of it - I suggest keeping your pieces in a sealed container or the little baggy that shoes and handbags come with to keep the dust off.  Make sure you wipe it down from time to time as well,  especially if it is a pair of shoes.  I would suggest cleaning them after every wear.  If you end up having damage to your piece, find a good Shoe Repair Service and get it fixed ASAP.  I love Denos In Highland Park Village and they work on handbags as well. 

Photography by Suki Lynn



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