Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Fields of Gold

Two weekends ago my girlfriends and I went on a girls trip to Austin.  We all live in different locations, so my friend Whitney and I rode together.  On our way down, we saw these beautiful fields of gold approaching us in the distance and we both screamed, "OHH EMM GEEE!"  I quickly pulled over because there was no way in hell we were going to pass up this great photo op!  Whitney is a photographer so she graciously snapped some quick shots of me in the field.  Thanks Whit!  (You can check out her website at the link posted under the last image at the bottom.) 

That's what I love about road trips. Being able to go where the wind takes you with no agenda.  I have honestly never seen such a beautiful sun flower field in all my life.   Although it was a quick five minute stop,  there was something therapeutic and free about surrounding ourselves in a field of gold.  


Savy Chic

JOYPEACE white fringe tank top

Long knit skirt


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