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Happy Mani Monday!  Hope you had a great weekend.  We spent the weekend in Louisiana celebrating my Dad turning 60!  We threw him a huge surprise party and invited many of his close friends and family. The night was full of dancing, great speeches, tears, friendship and more.  For months my family and I have been trying to keep this a surprise from him, and let me tell you it wasn't easy!  My mom and I are terrible liars, so i don't know how he never figured it out.  Although we celebrated last Saturday, his birthday is actually this Wednesday.  So this week my Mani Monday is inspired by his big birthday!!  What do you think when you think of a birthday?  Why sparkles confetti, cake and music of course!  That's why I chose to an ombré nail for today's post, and the trend looks best when you blend bright colors together and also add a touch of confetti (glitter) to the tips.  Since Ombré is already so in for hair, wearing it on your nails can only make you ten times cooler.  Here's to 60 being the new 50!  Cheers y'all!


1. Nail file, buffer, and cuticle trimmer
2. Top & Base Coat
3. 2-3 nail polish colors
4. One makeup sponge
5. Toothpick
6.  Nail Polish Remover
7. Paint brush or Qtips for cleaning excess polish around the nail.

          OPI Brights "Short Stories"        



1.  File, buff and trim your cuticles.
2.  Apply a clear base coat.  I like OPI or Essie.

3.  Paint your nails whatever you choose for you base color. This will be the color closest to the cuticle.

4.  Use a hard service and paint a generous amount in three straight lines right next to each other.

5. Take your toothpick and lightly blend the two colors together only in the center where the two meet.

6. Wet your makeup sponge and squeeze out the water really well.  This is so the polish doesn't fully absorb into the sponge.

7.  Softly press the sponge into the lines of polish a few times (making a dabbing motion).

8. Dab the sponge onto your nail and repeat this a few times making a slight up and down motion (In the direction from cuticle to end of nail)

9. Repeat number eight as many times as you need to, but make sure each layer is dry before dabbing again otherwise you will smudge and make it clumpy.

10.  For a fun party look, add some glittery polish to the tips.

11.  Finish by adding several top coats.  You may need it to help smooth out any bumps from the sponge.

12. Now put on your party dress and away you go!

Here are a few more inspirations for you to try!  



                                                              Image by Maggiemooie

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