Sunday, April 20, 2014

Easter at our NEST...One Dress Two Ways

Happy Easter everyone!  I hope everyone had a lovely, spring-filled day and stuffed themselves with lots of Reese's Eggs!  This year Scott and I stayed home in Dallas because we are leaving for Cabo on Tuesday with my parents and a few friends.  It didn't make a lot of sense to drive all the way to Louisiana when we will be celebrating with them in two days!  We had a nice day at home though!  We slept late, had our coffee and took Dez for a 3 mile run around White Rock Lake.  Scott grilled barbecue chicken for dinner and we opened a nice bottle of wine!  

The dress I am wearing today is from last spring.  I have only worn it once so I thought it deserved another debut with a little revamping!  When I get into vacation packing mode, I always try to figure out how many outfits I can get from the same piece because it helps with packing lighter and it makes suitcase living not so chaotic!  Is it just me, or does it stress anyone else out to have to sit/jump on top of your suitcase to get it to zip up!?  I will never forget the episode of Real Housewives of Miami where Adriana packed five or more suitcases for a weekend trip to Bimini!  Ahhh!  I would die with confusion and indecision!  I mean, you are going to a freaking island for crying out loud.  You pack some suits, some shorts, cute dresses, sandals and your done!

So with vacay packing on the brain, I wanted to see if I could wear this dress in two ways.  The first way is obviously the simple way to wear it.  I just added a necklace and fun wedges.  For the second way, I threw on this cute printed top over the dress to make it appear as a flowing skirt.  The top is also a mix of two spring trends...Artistic Prints and White with Black.  I wore the same shoes and took off the necklace.  Lastly, I changed up my lip color... EASY!   

Scott and I have been working hard to get our new home decorated for the last 8 months.  Since our home was built in the 40's, we have kept with an updated retro feel.  The photos in this post are of our kitchen and sun room, my two favorite rooms in the house.   They open up to each other and I love all of the natural lighting that enters.  The sun room looks out to the pool and its the perfect place to snuggle up on the swivel chair and write my blog posts!  The table you see is a very special and sentimental piece to me because my dad and two brother's made the base!  From the beginning, I wanted a white washed, restored table top with a chrome base but looked all over, and couldn't find one!  I ended up finding a local artist in Dallas to make my top, Sean Springer.  He does amazing wood work!  Check out his website if you ever need anything made: .  He is a super nice guy and worked so hard to make my top exactly the way I wanted it.   While Sean worked on my top, my Dad and brother's made the base.  It was so incredible seeing the top and base come together in our kitchen, and it is a memory I will have forever.  Not to mention, a table that I will cherish forever!!  Thanks again Dad, Jason, Clint and Sean!  


Green Chiffon dress from Nordstrom (last spring)

Manolo Blahnik Pepeor Striped Cork Wedge Sandals 

Gold hammered necklace from Nordstrom (last spring) 

Savy Chic

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