Saturday, March 1, 2014

Spring 2014 Trends: PINKS

Over the next month or so I am going to introduce to you the hot new trends of the Spring 2014 season!  You know I have to keep my readers in the know of what's in and what's out!  By preparing you for what is to come, you can slowly start building up your fabulous spring wardrobe! Don't we all love a little spring cleaning and update? Although my husband will object, (I tend to be a sentimental softy who has "pack rat" tendencies) I do love a good clean out of a closet! There really is some amazing energy boost you get from a spring cleaning, don't you agree? It's almost that feeling you get when you just finished one hell of a Bar Method class or a long distance run! Out with the old and outdated and in with the brand new and fresh!  My rule of thumb that I try to stick to is, If I haven't worn it in a year...then it (In the words of Bon Qui Qui) "needs to go." I think it's a pretty good rule to have because it prevents the closet clutter and gives you peace of mind... or like my mom says "feng shui". 

On with the trend! The first trend I want to talk about is Spring Pinks. I have said it before in a few of my other posts, and I'll say it again. If you don't have pink in your wardrobe, you need to get some STAT! Pink is already over the place. The first pink I noted was the pink coats on the runways and streets this past fall and winter, but it will definitely be amped up in the spring. It doesn't matter the shade of pink you wear or what the piece is, as long as you have it on your body in some way, shape or form, you are good to go! It can be anything from bags, dresses, tops, shoes, lipstick, or heck... even hot pink leather pants (which CUSP just got in the other day from J Brand).

 Pink it now friends! Below are some of my favorite pink pieces for spring!

Cara Delevingne killing it as always on the runway, wearing a FAB pink ensemble for Burberry SS2014 in London.  

More pink seen on the runways for spring!  

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  1. Pink a boo, love it, gotta have all pink, added bonus everyone looks good in pink, Blondie's,
    Brunettes, Reddies, it is a up lifting color for all complexions.

    I want that a whole look, oh yes I am the Pack Rat, as my clothing still fits from ages ago, but I
    do try and weed out. We are still stuck in Chillberia (Siberia). Anxious to see the Oscars and what the Red Carpet is going to be wearing.


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