Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Breezy in the City

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Last week at Neiman Marcus I was gifted a sample of Tory Burch's new fragrance. Thanks Neimans! The next morning as I was getting ready to leave, I put it on to wear for the day.  The first thing that came to mind was that it smelled feminine and floral.  I opened my notes from the presentation and read that it possessed hints of Neroli, Grapefruit,  Peony and Tuberose.  I am no fragrance connoisseur but I could definitely smell a hint of citrusy grapefruit.  So far so good! One point for Tory!   I wondered to myself if it would pass the hubby test.   As I made my way downstairs to the kitchen to make my cup of to-go coffee, I waited to see if I would hear a comment from Scott.  In our house hold, Scott and I never purchase a fragrance unless we both approve.   I mean, why would you want your spouse wearing something that wreaks and makes the other one miserable?!  Sooo not keeping it sexy! Not even a minute went by before he said "mmmm, you smell good today!" Yay! Two points for Tory!  I continued to wear it throughout the day at work and I just couldn't help to think that I had smelled something like this scent before.  I pondered until I made myself crazy, and then it hit me..... Clinique Happy!  That was it!  It's like a much better version of Clinique happy! How many of you use to bathe in that stuff before heading to class in Junior High?!  I know I did (and Cool Water).  Now, I couldn't help to smile and shortly reminisce of the good o'l days.  So Tory, you've managed to make me smell uber fab, you've made my husband think I smell uber fab, and you even made me smile!  I would say you are keeper. =) 

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Happy Mardi Gras everyone!! I hope my fellow Louisianimals are having a great day off from school and work and enjoying many guilty pleasures before Ash Wednesday tomorrow!  This past weekend was pretty relaxing.  On Friday night Scott and I tried the cutest little Northern Vietnamese restaurant in Lakewood, Mot Hai Ba.  We both love Asian, especially Vietnamese and Thai! When we heard this place was in Lakewood, down the street from our house we were hoping and praying it would fulfill our Asian cravin'!  I just love finding little neighborhood jewels because you don't have to wander too far from home to get a great meal. Our meal at Mot Hai Ba ended up being delicious! It reminds me of the Asian restaurant's you see in Paris.  It's cozy and tucked away on a side street and could easily be missed if not paying attention.  It is quaint with shared table seating and dim lighting but still maintains a posh vibe.  If you go, I would recommend trying the shaking beef.  It's to die! 

On Saturday, I worked and helped the gal pal that I was suppose to go to a movie with originally, do some shopping!  We ended up finding her some steals on sale and she walked away with a DVF and a killer T By Alexander Wang dress.  I posted a photo below!  That evening, Scott and I went to Mi Cocina for dinner (we have to have our Mexican fix once a week as well).  Sunday was work again and a low key evening watching the Oscars at home.  What did you all think of the Oscars!?  So many amazing gowns on the red carpet!  Congratulations to the winners! 

My friend Piper working her DVF!  


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  1. I absolutely LOOOOVVVEEE my DVF dress and the multiple other purchase made Saturday! You are a true fashion talent! Thank you for always making me look good and keeping me in the "know" of today's fashion :) XO


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