Thursday, March 13, 2014

Artistic Prints



Good morning!  I'm sorry I've been behind on my posts this week.  If you read my Mani Monday post, then you know that my grandmother was scheduled for a hip replacement surgery this past Tuesday.   With that going on I wasn't really into the writing mood!  I am now happy to let you all know that she made it through the surgery just fine and is doing great!  She even sat up in bed yesterday!  She is the strongest, bravest woman I know.  Thank you for all the thoughts and prayers!

The spring trend I wan't to share with you this week is Artistic Prints!  During the spring/summer '14 runway shows, many designers showcased their art expressions through their collections. I feel like Art to Fashion is how Peanut Butter is to Jelly.  They go hand in hand and when combined, awesomeness happens!  When picking out an artistic piece for your spring wardrobe, look for anything that looks like Jackson Pollock got a hold of it, as well as anything with unique graphics, florals and some animal prints (not your typical spring florals or  black and white zebra print, but maybe an unusual version of it).  If you think this trend is too loud for your own personal style and you don't want to rock a full blown Picasso painting, try maybe a skirt or a fun pair of shorts for the spring and pair it with a neautral top.  Just like my camo post the other day, you can also work this trend into your outfit subtly by wearing a scarf or maybe a pair of shoes.  Check out some of my favorite Art print pieces below!

The dress I am wearing today is Clover Canyon.  If you need a good place to start looking for your own Art inspired pieces, try this designer!  Graphic art is their specialty. To keep warm,  I threw on an easy, light weight leather jacket.   It's that time of the year where the weather is playing ping pong with us here in Texas! You Texan's and Louisianimals know what I'm talking about!  It may be warm one second and freezing the next!  With weather like this, a lighter outerwear option is mandatory.  My favorite is the leather jacket.  It's just enough to keep you warm but not too bulky and hot in case the weather changes.  What do you think about the Artistic print trend?  How many of you think you will try it out?  Let me know by posting a comment below the page!  My comments in the past were blocked by accident (woopsie) but I think I figured out the problem!  Thanks for reading and have a beautiful Thursday.




(From Top left to right) 


  1. clover canyon's prints are very unique, i love them! prints in general i think make getting dressed way more fun;) cheers!

  2. Such a fun ensemble! Thanks, as always, for sharing options for us thrifty shoppers! Love this look & will definitely keep my eyes open for artistic prints!

  3. Love the look & enjoy your blog & posts! Can always count on you to keep us in the know with the latest fashions & trends!!


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