Thursday, February 27, 2014

Tweeding A Lot

 Friday is almost here! What are your plans for the weekend? I will be working this weekend and hopefully hanging out with a gal pal Saturday for a possible dinner and movie night! I swear I haven't been to the movies since Iron Man 3 came out!, I just googled that and May 2013 was when it hit theaters. Clearly I have been preoccupied this year! It's a shame but Scott and I really have become spoiled with our DVR and Apple TV. It's just so nice to sit at home with your own food, vino, and comfy clothes! I don't even know what movies are out these days either?! Let me know if you have any suggestions!

Tweeding a lot today in this outfit!  I got this red tweed jacket at the Zara in Paris.  I love the zippered pocket placements.  It gives the blazer a little edge and can be worn with a tailored shirt, skirt, or even go rocker chic.  I am usually not a red person, but this I love!  A lot of the women in my family think they look horrible in red.. so maybe that's why I don't wear it very often.

I didn't want the typical, boring blazer and shirt get up so I paired the jacket with a polka dotted Equipment shirt.   I snatched it up on sale at Cusp for a steal!   By the way, Equipment makes the best shirts and blouses. The fabric used is so soft and the look is timeless, yet versatile.  They come in every color and pattern under the sun!  I want to collect them all.  I could throw them all in one big pile and just cuddle them to pieces.  Seriously, they are so comfortable!  If you don't believe me, then go try one on for yourself.  Whether its work, a night out, or vacay, they always work.   

These leather bottoms are different from my Parisian Wannabe outfit faux leather.  These are actually pants not leggings.  I thought they paired well with the blazer since the zippers give a rocker-ish vibe and all.  No joke, these girls have received more compliments when I wear them.  Definitely a lust-have item that every leather loving lady needs in her closet!  They are the most legit looking faux leather I have ever seen and felt, and the price is GOOD...I mean real GOOD.  They definitely beat the $1,000 price point for real leather.  It makes total chiconomical sense! 
(Click on the links at the bottom under "Wearing" for all the info)

If you are my close friend, then you definitely know that I sleep, dream and live for Tom Ford's bruised plum lip color.  I have turned so many of my girl friends on to it!  I have literally worn the heck out of this color all season. I will probably need to supply myself with a new tube soon.  I was already stoked when I put it on for the first time, but when Scott told me I looked "model hot"... I mean, model hot?? Stop it.  SOLD.  No wonder it was named Instyle Magazine's "Best Lipstick" for Best Beauty Buys!  

Lastly, I want to give photo credit and shout out to my fashionable and wonderful co worker, Alex.  She was sweet enough to take my photos, and in return I took hers.  You should all be doll's and go check out her blog too: Alexandra's Alley 

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  1. Loved your post today, the whole kaboodle. That lip color
    is drop dead gorgeous kissaroo-liscious. I love the color
    red, all shades.
    I am going to make the rose water spray as soon as
    we ever get out of this deep chill (today high 14) low -6
    I have some heirloom rose bushes that I will use for the rose

  2. Thank you!! Oooo I want to try rose water as well! It is every where lately. Will you let me know how it turns out and send me the recipe pleaseee! Hugs!

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