Thursday, January 30, 2014

Parisian Wannabe

Well hello strangers!  Happy New Year to you all!  This is officially my first post for 2014 and boy do I have a lot to fill y'all in on.  I put my blog posts on a mini pause due to the holiday's, a trip to Paris, a brand new job and some health issues... but I am ready to press play again!  Hopefully you have been following Haute Gumbo on Instagram and Twitter because I have kept my fashion tips and daily inspirations going! If you haven't done so, go ahead and follow me: @hautegumbo so your not missing out! 
Oh where to begin... I guess we can start with Christmas.  Scott and I spent a wonderful holiday with our families in Louisiana.  I even got to see my cousins who came in from California.  It was nice seeing everyone and being back home as always!   After Christmas, we headed back to Big D with much anticipation for our big New Years Eve getaway to Paris.  Oui, Oui Paris!  We arrived on New Years Eve and had the time of our lives that night!  We had dinner and a glorious New Years Eve celebration at our hotel's restaurant, Fouquets. Our count down to 2014 was on the CHAMPS Elysees with a bottle of CHAMPS!  The rest of our stay was just as great.  We met a few fabulous Parisians, saw the many historical sites and art museums, wined and dined ourselves, got lost in the streets, and people watched in awe over the FASHION..... OH....THE FASHION (well Scott wasn't as interested as I was but you know..) I have so much to report on but I will go into more details in a different post all about Paris.
After spending an amazing week in Paris, we flew home and the very next day I started a new job at the one and only Neiman Marcus!  I am now a Visual Merchandiser for CUSP, the women's contemporary department...woo hoo!  In just the few weeks I have been there, I have learned so much and have been feeding my creative mind exactly what it needs.  Not to mention, I feel like I'm playing in one big dream closet!  I have really enjoyed learning about the new trends, designers and seeing what pieces arrive weekly off the truck.  I definitely plan on creating some fun, fabulous looks to inspire you!  A fun perk to my job is that my co worker and I get to put together different looks for our stores Instagram page!  If you would like to see some of those looks, be sure to follow @CuspbyNm.  As for the health issues...they are a little too personal to share on the web =) 
This outfit was inspired from our trip to Paris.  The Parisians are always wearing black because is forever chic.. and who is more stylish and chic than the Parisians?!  Something else that reminds me of Paris?  Ummm CHANEL!?  Hence the black Chanel boots.  In the winter in Paris, you definitely need a warm, comfortable boot...especially since there is a lot of cobblestone.  My tunic sweater  is Trouve and Faux Leather leggings are Velvet by Spencer & Graham.  The scarf is is a blue Tartan pattern.  Tartan and plaid have been a huge trend this fall/winter.  The love ring is Spring Street from Nordstrom.

My bag is the Alix Leather Padlock & Zip Shoulder Bag by  Tom Ford.  I know, I know... why are you adding an American designer to your "Parisian inspired ensemble?" Well... its just too fabulous to not?!  It's my absolute favorite because It's so unique in that it's multi changeable from a top handle, to shoulder bag, to a fold over large clutch. I love wearing it with a tee shirt and jeans when I want to become a rocker for the day...or  I can dress it up with a sexy dress!  It's really the perfect bag to carry on a trip where you need several options. So... now do you see why I couldn't resist?  

Merci Paris for all the fabulousness and dreamy inspirations! I hope to see you again soon! 


1. Chanel Boots (In store only): Neiman Marcus  2. Trouve Sweater Tunic: Nordstrom 3. Velvet by Graham and Spencer Faux Leather Leggings: Revolve 4. Spring Street Ring (Sold Out): Nordstrom
5. Tartan Scarf (My Closet)  6. Tom Ford Bag: Tom Ford Boutique Highland Park  

1. Scarf: Nordstrom   2. Bag: Neimans Last Call   3. Sweater: Nordstrom  4. Leggings: Forever 21         5. Ring: Bauble Bar   6. Boots: Macys 

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